MSP Featured in LBUSD website

MSP Featured in LBUSD website

Just sharing a feature from Long Beach School’s newsletter.
You can find the feature here.

For those who want to skip clicking the link, here’s the article:

Long Beach Architects Create Jobs, Design School

Since Edgar Paz was a child growing up in Colombia, he has enjoyed solving puzzles, drawing and designing things. Today, he earns his living doing just that. He is one of the principals at Architects MSP, a Long Beach-based firm that has designed and modernized school buildings for nearly 20 years.

In the Long Beach Unified School District, MSP recently designed new classrooms and restrooms at Tucker and Harte elementary schools, as well as the new dental clinic at Avalon School on Catalina Island.

“About 75 percent of our business is designing schools, so we have the specialized knowledge and a level of quality assurance that enables us to work effectively with our school district partners,” Paz said.

Another key advantage is the local connection. He says most of the nine staff members in his firm also live in Long Beach. As residents, and in some cases, parents of school-aged children, they have a vested interest in the quality of schools.

For example, Terri Tasiemski, MSP’s executive secretary, is a product of Long Beach schools, as are her husband and their three children.

“One of my children has become a teacher due to the influence of her first grade teacher, Mrs. Seaton, who has since retired. My two oldest children benefited from the gifted program and have become successful college students,” Tasiemski said.

MSP has a long established relationship with Long Beach Unified School District and has been involved with numerous projects with them from simple modernizations to big constructions.