One Huge Dragonfly!

One Huge Dragonfly!

Designing a covered seating area with a public restroom seems like a simple enough task, but how about turning it into a Dragonfly?

Architects MSP, in collaboration with Jon Cichetti Landscape Architects, recently finished a covered seating area and performing space with public restroom that resembles a gigantic dragonfly. The structure will serve as the focal point of the new park, located in the City of Calimesa.

Evolution 1

The structure utilizes translucent fiberglass roofing in the middle forming the body of the dragonfly, while the wings made of sheet metal extend upwards, as if preparing for flight. The building also features fabricated steel framing and misting system throughout the perimeter.

Render 2

The Calimesa Park and the Dragonfly Pavilion is set to open in August of this year.