Whittier City Goes Digital

Whittier City Goes Digital

MSP recently teamed up with The Whittier City School District in upgrading 11 of their school’s marquees. The old signs were removed and have been replaced with new digital marquees with energy efficient, multi-colored LED lights.

The marquees can be controlled from the main office of each school, where they can input announcements and greetings at a simple press of a button. The convenience of updating the boards, combined with the option for animated texts are truly a welcoming surprise for the students of WCSD as they begin the new school year.





Beyond assisting the school in designing the new marquees, MSP also helped Whittier City School District to design all new logos for each school. The process included obtaining input from principals and faculty members, making sure their individual ideas were considered, but at the same time providing a cohesive way to unify them under one district.

New WCSD Logos